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We are not big on fluff. We believe in efficiency, with your time and your money!

We tackle tasks and challenges with great drive, creativity, and energy.

We are passionate about integrity, relationships and results, it’s even our tag line!

Our experience spans across the public, private, not-for-profit and charitable sectors, as well as, across government departments.

We are a boutique firm; your account will have hands on design and execution by a senior associate.

We believe in fairness. We offer competitive pricing.

Service Categories

We offer expertise in three primary categories, each comprising specialized services tailored to meet your advocacy and government relations objectives. Below, you'll find detailed descriptions of the services within each category.


Note: Our done-for-you advocacy and government relations services are currently tailored for the Canadian context, covering both federal, Ontario & PEI jurisdictions.

Public Affairs Solutions

Training and Skills

Discerning Needs

Service Details

Public Affairs Solutions 

Government Relations: 
We provide a dynamic blueprint to successfully navigate government, positioning your organization ahead of key developments, strengthening stakeholder relationships, and accelerating the attainment of your public affairs goals.

Stakeholder Relations: 
Beacon North identifies key influencers, builds strategic relationships, and creates robust engagement strategies to maximize your impact and reach in the public affairs landscape.

Strategic Communications: 
Our Strategic Communications Service designs tailored materials and strategies to bolster your advocacy and government relations goals. From key messages and communications materials to a  more encompassing approach, we incorporate media relations, public relations, advertising, and digital and social strategies to amplify your advocacy efforts.

Event Services: Beacon North meticulously handles the planning and execution of high-profile policy forums, parliamentary events, stakeholder meetings, and industry conferences, ensuring your events forge meaningful connections, amplify your message, and deliver a lasting impact.

Hill Days: Empower your organization to shape government policies with Beacon North Strategies' comprehensive Hill Day event support on the ground. From strategic planning to stakeholder engagement, logistics, and strategic communication, we ensure impactful advocacy. Customize our services to achieve your policy objectives effectively.

Consensus Moderation for Sector Asks: 
Beacon North harmonizes sector representatives, fostering unified, compelling advocacy positions for impactful advocacy, ensuring your messaging resonates strongly.


Managing Advocacy Campaigns: 
We unite diverse interests and stakeholders, aligning them under a cohesive strategy to drive effective advocacy and create impactful change. Trust us to manage the execution of this strategy, collaborating with other stakeholders to maximize your chances of success.

Consultation Facilitation: 
Looking to engage with community stakeholders to get their meaningful input? We facilitate specialized consultations for internal and external audiences, including those focusing on EDI, youth, and marginalized populations. Our approach ensures that the consultation efforts inform your advocacy efforts.  

Policy Insights: 
Navigate the dynamic legislative and academic landscape from an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens. We provide actionable intelligence, bridging your goals with governmental understanding for impactful advocacy. 


Research Capacity: Our sophisticated skills employ advanced methodologies to turn qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights and recommendations. By crafting research papers, policy documents, and annual reports, we ensure your strategies are informed, elevating your ability to influence public policy decisions.  

Funding Applications: 
Navigate the complexities of government funding with our expertise. We can guide your prospecting strategies, assist in proposal crafting, and ensure stringent evaluation and reporting for sustained funding success. 

Training & Skills 

Executive Coaching:
Our Executive Coaching service provides personalized guidance to enhance your public affairs skills and approaches, fostering growth and empowering you to confidently navigate the public affairs landscape, irrespective of your current expertise level.

Learning Solutions:
We provide adaptable and tailored training in public affairs, with solutions that can be personalized to meet individual or group needs and suit virtual or in-person settings, effectively strengthening your public affairs abilities.

Discerning Needs

Strategy Sessions: 
Our in-depth strategy session at Beacon North offers a comprehensive review of your public affairs efforts, open discussion with tailored advice, and a concise written summary of key insights and action items, empowering your organization for strategic decision-making and enhanced success in the public affairs realm.

Needs Assessments: 
At Beacon North Strategies, we offer an affordable, succinct needs assessment, providing clear, initial guidance for overcoming your public affairs challenges or advancing toward your goals.

Our services are designed to help you navigate the complex landscape of public affairs, enhance your skills and knowledge, and achieve your goals. Whether you need support in government relations, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, or training, we have the expertise to provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.


The Beacon North Difference

Get to Know Us

VALUE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT: Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering exceptional value for your investment while producing tangible outcomes and more outputs for your dollars.

HANDS-ON SENIOR TEAM: At our firm, you will receive hands-on support from seasoned senior consultants who will spearhead the development AND execution of your public affairs work.

CREATIVE TRAILBLAZERS: Beacon North breaks boxes, forging standout public affairs strategies in a shifting world. Armed with creative ideas, innovative tools, and a unique strategy, Beacon North isn't just following trends - we're setting them.

COMMITMENT TO INTEGRITY: At Beacon North, our practice is rooted in transparency and ethics. We are boundary-pushers and innovators but believe in shaping policy through honest, open dialogues and fair practices.

Natasha Morano D4S6410 by Michelle Valbe

Natasha Hope Morano, President, NHM Connect 

"I have known Stephanie for a number of years and the passion and enthusiasm she delivers while advocating for her clients is inspiring. She is a fierce leader and delivers exceptional results."

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